Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Executive Head Teacher
Mrs Davis
Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs Thomas
Miss Barber (contactable through the School Office)
Teaching Staff
Miss Byrnes (Class 1)
Miss Chamberlin (Class 2)
Mrs Evans (Class 1 and 2)
Mrs Gibbs (Class 3)
Miss Carlson (Class 3 and 4)
Mrs Thomas (Class 4)

Learning Support Staff
Mrs Beard
Miss Carlson 
Mrs Jobson
Miss Howells (Pre-School)
Mrs Mayer
Mrs Preece
Mrs Saunders
Mrs Stevens (Pre-School)
Mrs Tobin
Mrs Warren (Family Support Worker)
Mrs Wedley (ELSA Practitioner - Emotional, Learning Support Assistance)

Lunchtime Staff
Mrs Dickinson
Mr Holder
Mrs Molyneux

Cleaning Staff
Mrs Burford
Mrs Dickinson
Mr Holder
Mrs Molyneux

School Business Manager
Miss Agg