Steam Mills Pre-School

Steam Mills Pre-School is set in a beautiful location overlooking the Forest of Dean and became part of Steam Mills Primary School in September 2016.

We constantly strive to evaluate and improve our ability to provide high quality childcare and education, where children learn through play in a safe, secure and happy environment.

We have an ethos that promotes equality and diversity, and welcome children and families from all cultures and backgrounds. We also welcome children with special educational needs and disabilities, and pride ourselves on our ability to be able to help them to meet their full potential.

We invite applications from all children and families in our local community and do not have any specific entry criteria. We welcome prospective children and their families to visit the Pre-School at any time without obligation, and offer a free taster session to all children on our waiting list. Please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email if you would like any further information, or to make an appointment to visit the Pre-School. We look forward to hearing from you!
Cotswold Farm Park Trip!
We went on a trip along with Class 1 to Cotswold Farm Park. The children had a brilliant time! We held chicks and rabbits and had the opportunity to feed baby lambs their milk! We had a tractor ride around the farm where we got to see a range of animals such as cows, horses and sheep. The children loved walking around the farm where we got to see lots of animals up close as well as jump in very muddy puddles! We got to milk some (pretend) cows and had a fun play in the indoor soft play area. What a great, busy day we had!
Yoga Sessions 
Here are a selection of photos of Pre-School taking part in Yoga at the school. The children have been learning basic poses, with great balancing skills and concentration.
On a Tuesday afternoon, the children have been taking part in a gymnastic class along with Class 1. The children have learnt new skills such as how to do a head stand and forward rolls. There has also been lots of jumping on trampolines, climbing, balancing on beams and in the last week we got to go into the big foam pit!
Forest Schools!
We have been taking trips to the Forest School area where the children have been able to explore the woodland area. We always have great fun exploring the woods, as well as using the natural materials over there to play, test our balancing skills and play games such as hide and seek!
Our tadpoles have grown into frogs!
A lovely Nanny brought into Preschool some frogspawn and ever since then, we have watched them turn into tadpoles and now into frogs! We gave them a little home of their own in the red tub in the outdoor and have regularly given them fresh water and food. We are so excited to see that some of our tadpoles have developed into frogs and we now have some pets at Preschool for a short time before they need to be returned to the stream. 
Outdoor FUN!
We are enjoying a range of activities outside during this summer term, as well as lots of fun during free play! This has included painting, sand play, constructing in our builders yard as well as lots of water play in the sun, planting our new flowers and keeping an eye on the beautiful baby birds we had in our bird box during the spring!
Sports day practice and Sports Day Wednesday 28th June 2017
On Wednesday 28th of June we had our sports day! We did an egg and spoon race, a balancing a bean bag on our head race, a hula-hoop race and a running race; even the siblings and parents joined in too! The children did a lot of practicing out on the school field and were all great on the day! They were all awarded with a medal, a certificate and a small bag of sweets. Well done to everyone who took part!

Graduation Party - Sunday 16th July 2017

We had our Graduation Party for this year’s school leavers! We played lots of different games, did lots of dancing, ate lovely food and received a certificate and a teddy with our name on. We all had so much fun!