Class 2

This page will be updated regularly during school closures
****With half-term approaching and summer on the way, I wanted to share with you the exciting news from our goose shed...look to the bottom of the page to see our first little gosling who hatched on Sunday! We are very excited! There are 12 more eggs in the nest, so hopefully more will be appearing over the next week or so.****
It was so lovely to have managed to chat to so many of your parents (and a couple of you!) when I phoned everyone.  It was amazing to be able to hear that you are happy and well and enjoying the weather.  I have been worrying about you all!!  For those of you I wasn't able to connect with, please feel free to phone school on Thursday mornings as I will be in then, and it would be lovely to catch up.  Indeed, if anyone has any more questions or queries for me, then don't hesitate to phone then, or drop me a line on eSchools
During this period, I have sent packs home with you to keep you busy during the home-schooling weeks ahead:
  • CGP Maths Reasoning
  • CGP Maths Arithmetic
  • CGP Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • CGP Reading
  • Purple Books (catch up on any activities still not completed)
  • New purple bound pack.
Please work through these steadily, and I will continue to update this page with further activities for you too, once I feel you may be nearing the end of the work set.  Please message me through eSchools if there is any clarification needed or help with what to do. 
For activities other than Reading, Writing and Maths for Y2s, check out the learning activities sheets that Ms Herniman is popping up as these include ideas for afternoon subjects that she would normally teach. 
Keep learning and keep well! See you all on the other side!!
Best regards,
Mrs Taylor
Times Table Rockstars ( Login details provided several months ago (please let me know if you require them again).
Monster Phonics (once logged in, don't log back out!) 
Username: parents
Password: homelearning
Once Upon a Picture ( to provide stimuli for writing opportunities.
Twinkl ( for learning packs in all curriculum areas.
The Literacy Shed ( for further writing opportunities:
  • The Little Shoemaker
  • High Diving Giraffes
  • The Clocktower
Gordon's Maths Games ( for Maths activities linked to our learning.
Oxford Owl ( for reading opportunities online.
I have now included some Reading, Maths and English activities to keep you busy with minimal stress for your parents!  For a couple of the downloads, you will see either *, ** or *** at the bottom of the page (this differentiates the work, so please pick the level of challenge best suited to you).  Happy Easter!!
Summer Term 2020
Please find below some further activity sheets for you to work through. 
I will add a couple of Maths problem solving questions each week which you should try to use a bar model to solve (as shown on the documents I will attach). Make sure you draw it out properly as shown please. Bar models are a great way of helping you to see where the starting point of a problem may be, and how to tackle each question logically and methodically. 
I will also be attaching weekly Reading, SPaG and Writing (Slow Writing) tasks too, plus a Maths general activity sheet (or maybe two!) to keep you ticking over.  Please remember that on some of the sheets there is a key: * means fairly straight-forward for the lesser confident child, ** means for those children who are pretty confident but still may need some help, and *** will provide more of a challenge for the confident children. Please ask your adult to help you choose the level you think is appropriate (if you are unsure, please get in touch and I can advise you!) 
As requested, I have also provided below spelling lists for the sounds we have been learning this year.  We have covered all of these sounds, so this would be a great revision for you to keep them fresh in your mind.  They can be found under the Y2 Reading Book Challenge, and they are named as 'overviews'.
Hope this helps, and don't forget to eSchool me with any questions or concerns.  I will be deleting activities periodically now from the page to ensure I don't overcrowd it.  Please print what you need regularly. Take care and stay well!!  We miss you!!
Have a look at this website to find some enjoyable reading challenges for all the family to enjoy!
Also have a look at this website, set up by the fabulous Pie Corbet:
Please be reassured that although the school is closed to most pupils, we have not disappeared. We will continue to be here to provide clarification and reassurances throughout the coming weeks. Please contact us via eSchools if you need us. We will be here for as long as we are healthy and able to do so. Please check this page regularly.
Keep going. Keep learning. Stay safe.
I have posted this terms Knowledge Organiser which outlines the key learning points we would have been covering this term. The weekly activities I post will be in line with this but you can use it as a guide for additional learning activities if you'd like to. I have attached this week's learning activities to the bottom of this column.
Phonics and Early Reading
Username: parents
Password: homelearning
NB: once logged in, don't log out. Save your details and add it to your favourites toolbar
I will not be sending home reading books. Please access FREE ebooks via these links:
Remember - reading is not just about your child's ability to blend and segment words...ask the questions to too. Use the question guides in your child's yellow homework pack as a guide.
Maths and Science
Remember - maths is ALL around us. Teaching your children to tell the time is essential this year. Year 1s need to know o'clock and half past as a minimum. Recognising money is equally as important. Encourage them to count, add and subtract in 2s, 5s and 10s. Or explore different ways to make 20p, 50p, £1. Teach them the difference between pounds and pence. When you're cooking dinner - measure out how much you're using and involve your children with it.
Mindfulness and Keeping Active
This is really important. Lots of the class were asking if PE counts. The more our movements are restricted, the more important it is to keep healthy and active.
Curriculum Links:
***Twinkl is widely used and trusted by teachers. They have set up a Home Learning Hub which can be found following the link. They are offering lots of handy ideas and activities. They tend to be quite worksheet heavy, please don't feel you need to be printing reams off. Save some stress - go through things verbally with your children.***
Practical learning
Gantrells have got some lovely suggestions - enjoy improvising and adapting these learning ideas