Class 2

This page will be updated regularly during school closures
During this period, I have sent packs home with the children to keep them busy during the home-schooling weeks ahead:
  • CGP Maths Reasoning
  • CGP Maths Arithmetic
  • CGP Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • CGP Reading
  • Purple Books (catch up on any activities still not completed)
  • New purple bound pack.
Please work through these steadily, and I will continue to update this page with further activities for them too, once I feel they may be nearing the end of the work set.  Please message me through eSchools if there is any clarification needed or help with what to do.  Keep learning and keep well! See you all on the other side!!
Best regards,
Mrs Taylor
Times Table Rockstars ( Login details provided several months ago.
Monster Phonics (once logged in, don't log back out!) 
Username: parents
Password: homelearning
Once Upon a Picture ( to provide stimuli for writing opportunities.
Twinkl ( for learning packs in all curriculum areas.
The Literacy Shed ( for further writing opportunities:
  • The Little Shoemaker
  • High Diving Giraffes
  • The Clocktower
Gordon's Maths Games ( for Maths activities linked to our learning.
Oxford Owl ( for reading opportunities online.
Please be reassured that although the school is closed to most pupils, we have not disappeared. We will continue to be here to provide clarification and reassurances throughout the coming weeks. Please contact us via eSchools if you need us. We will be here for as long as we are healthy and able to do so. Please check this page regularly.
30-03-20 UPDATE
How are you all doing? I hope you've been learning lots together as families. Our household have spent the week learning how to add fractions, how to write algorithms, how the digestive system works, and the main sections of rivers. whilst the big one has been cracking on with his GCSE work. ALL the boys have also learnt how to clean out and care for the chickens :) 
Please do send some photos via eSchools of the things you get up to - I'd love to see your faces!
I have attached this week's learning activites to the bottom of this column. ***I will be removing some of the pdfs below by the end of the week Please download what you need ASAP so I can add more without cluttering up the page too much***
I hope you are safe and well. Class 2 - I hope you're remembering you're a team and helping your mums and dads out around the house. Mums and Dads - I hope the more intense education of your children is proving an enjoyable experience for you. Remember I am here to help if you need. Keep going. Keep smiling. Remember - you got this!
Phonics and Early Reading
Username: parents
Password: homelearning
NB: once logged in, don't log out. Save your details and add it to your favourites toolbar
I will not be sending home reading books. Please access FREE ebooks via these links:
Remember - reading is not just about your child's ability to blend and segment words...ask the questions to too. Use the question guides in your child's yellow homework pack as a guide.
Maths and Science
Remember - maths is ALL around us. Teaching your children to tell the time is essential this year. Year 1s need to know o'clock and half past as a minimum. Recognising money is equally as important. Encourage them to count, add and subtract in 2s, 5s and 10s. Or explore different ways to make 20p, 50p, £1. Teach them the difference between pounds and pence. When you're cooking dinner - measure out how much you're using and involve your children with it.
Mindfulness and Keeping Active
This is really important. Lots of the class were asking if PE counts. The more our movements are restricted, the more important it is to keep healthy and active.
Curriculum Links:
***Twinkl is widely used and trusted by teachers. They have set up a Home Learning Hub which can be found following the link. They are offering lots of handy ideas and activities. They tend to be quite worksheet heavy, please don't feel you need to be printing reams off. Save some stress - go through things verbally with your children.***
Practical learning
Gantrells have got some lovely suggestions - enjoy improvising and adapting these learning ideas