Class 3

** Update ** 27.3.2020
I hope that you have settled into a routine being at home. It has been lovely weather so it is great to get outside in the garden. 
I have added weekly spellings to this page and set a task to go along with each list. Spelling lists are also updated weekly on Spelling Shed and there are lots of games to play on there. 
I have added a word document with suggested activities for a range of school based subjects. Please use this as a guide. I have added some more resources and website links at the bottom of this page. 
This week, I am setting you a challenge of 3 activities: 
1. Build a den- This could be inside or outside. 
2. Build a space ship- You could use Lego, Playdoh or any other materials you may have at home. 
3. Bake or cook something- This will help you develop measuring skills in the kitchen. 
If you need any support or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me via eschools. 
Best wishes, 
Mrs Gibbs
Year 3 Resources 
Weekly Spellings: 
Each week I will update the spellings lists for each year group, along with a task. The lists update on Spelling Shed each week. 
Year 3:
Adding suffix -ly to words ending -le 27.3- 4.4
Task- Write the spellings into sentences. 
Welcome to Class 3!
Mrs Gibbs- Class Teacher
Mrs Wedley and Miss Walding- Learning Support Staff
Mrs Evans - PPA Teacher - Teaches in Class 3 every other Wednesday 

** School closure packs Class 3 **
Due to the school closure, children have been sent home with the following work packs:
- CGP 10 minute weekly workout SPaG book*
- CGP 10 minute weekly workout Maths book*
- CGP Mental Maths workout book*
- Maths folders (please complete any unfinished activities)
- Handwriting books to practise spellings and joining
*All CGP books have answers in the back 
Available below are Big Maths activities per year group, writing prompts per year group and reading activities per year group. 
Children have logins for Spelling Shed for weekly spelling activities. There is also a Maths Shed available and children can use the same login to access this. 
Times Table Rocks logins have been resent home (20.3.2020)
Hit the button is a great website for practising times tables and it is free to access
If you have any difficulty in accessing any of the resources, please contact me via eschools and I will print and post to you ASAP. If you have any questions about any of the activities or login details, also feel free to contact me via eschools. 

Best wishes, 
Mrs Gibbs 
Year 4 Resources
Year 4:
Homophones 27.3-4.4
Task- Draw pictures to define these words and write the words into sentences. Remember to make them interesting. 
Resources for Y3 and Y4
Encourage story sharing as much as possible. Books can be accessed for free at Oxford Owl
Tips for reading with your child can be found at Book Trust, where they also recommend several age appropriate books. 
Click the link to listen to 'Hank's Pranks' by David Walliams Hank's Pranks
In the resource section at the bottom of this page, I have attached the Reading Dogs bookmark, with some useful questions to promote a range of reading skills. 
The Literacy Shed has a great selection of prompts for writing and suggested activities under the video clip. Children can start with watching a clip called Catch it and complete the following writing activities: 
- Write a diary from the viewpoint of the meerkat
- Write a setting description of the African Plains
- Write a dialogue between 2 meerkats, using accurate speech punctuation 
PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube at 9am on weekdays is a great way to get moving. It lasts for 30 minutes and includes a warm up, main activities and cool down. You can also watch videos from other days. 
Please see above for 'Big Maths'. These are a great way to cover a range of mathematical skills. Key learning objectives to work on at home are:
-Y3 Telling the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock
-Y3 Writing the time in 12 hour digital e.g. 3:50pm
-Y3 Estimating times events take e.g. 5 minutes to boil a kettle
-Y4 Reading times on analogue and digital clocks
-Y4 Writing times in 24 hour digital e.g. 15:40
- Converting between 12 and 24 hour digital times e.g. 1:30pm = 13:30 
Hit the Button is a free resource that is useful for known facts such as times tables, division facts, number bonds and doubling/ halving. 
Times Tables Rocks children have logins to access this. If you need them again, please eschool me and I will get them to you ASAP. 
A great way to develop measures skills is in the kitchen and it would be a great opportunity to measure in grams and milliliters. 
Our recent topic in science has been 'sound'. I have attached a knowledge organiser below, which has key knowledge and vocabulary that children can share at home and research. 
Common Exception Words Spelling Activities Year 3 and Year 4