Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!
Mrs Gibbs- Class Teacher
Learning Support Staff- Mrs Wedley and Miss Carlson

Miss Carlson- Teaches in Class 3 every Friday.
**Update 25.2.21**
I am really looking forward to seeing you on 8th March! 
I have put the spellings onto our class page, so please use your eschools login or access Spelling Shed to see these.
Mrs Gibbs 

During the Spring term, our theme will be Extreme Earth. A knowledge organiser can be found below and this will be used to form quizzes in school. Please discuss the knowledge organiser with your child/ren and find out some interesting facts together. We will be covering human and physical features of the UK and comparing this with a country in Europe and an aspect of America. We will also explore volcanoes, earthquakes, biomes and the watercycle. We will be using maps, compass directions and grid references. 
P.E. will be on a Friday afternoon with Mr Yearly from Pro-Stars and Yoga will be on a Thursday afternoon. Children will need suitable clothing, including footwear for P.E. as we continue to be outside so ensure they have joggers and a jacket, during the cooler months.  Earrings must be taking out for all sporting activities. If your child struggles to take their earrings out, please ensure they are taken out at home on P.E. days. Children may bring shorts to wear under skirts for Yoga, as they will not be required to fully change. 
We aim to run for 10 minutes in the afternoon on non-P.E. days as part of the Daily Mile to encourage children to be more active during the school day so please ensure sensible footwear is worn.
Children have each been given a scheme reading book to read to an adult in school and at home. Please record in their reading record so we can monitor this. Children will earn a sticker for every time they read at home and these are awarded on Thursdays, when we check reading records. They have also got a free reader book in their packs to be kept in school to enjoy during quiet reading time. 
Spellings are tested on a Thursday afternoon. Lists are for age approprite year groups but please be assured that children are recapping previous spelling patterns as starter activities and they are accessing daily phonics/ spelling sessions. Please remember to use Spelling Shed, as the games are directly linked to the weekly spellings. Throughout the week, children access handwriting, wordseaches and look cover write check activities all linked to their list, as well as CEW mats. 
Times tables Rocks is also online to access games linked to times tables. We are using iPads in school for 'Hit the button' times table games on a Wednesday morning and completing times tables speed checks to gradually build up to weekly times tables tests. 
If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything at any point, then please do not hesitate to ask. 
Many thanks 
Mrs Gibbs
Weekly Spellings: 
Each week I will update the spellings lists for each year group, along with a task. The lists update on Spelling Shed each week with games to play. Children can create 'hive games' and play against each other of they communicate the codes. 
Spellings will be tested on a Thursday from January. 
Year 3:
WC 8st February (Please note spellings will be tested on Thursday afternoons to fit in with Yoga after the Christmas break)
l spelt -al
Task- Write a sentence containing each word. 
Spring Term
Extreme Earth
Year 4- 
WC 8th February  (Please note spellings will be tested on Thursday afternoons to fit in with Yoga after the Christmas break)
au digraph
Task- Write a sentence containing each of the words.