Class 3

** Update ** 3.7.2020  
I hope you are all well. It was lovely to speak to many of you last week. If I did not manage to speak to you and you would like to say hello I am in school everyday so please feel free to call the school office. 
The Oak National Academy has some great lessons for children to work through related to English, maths, foundation subjects and PSHE. There are quizzes at the start of the units of work for maths and then videos and worksheet resources. At the end, there is a final quiz to review progress made. Please work through these lessons over the next few weeks- everything is relevant to your selected year group. 
As usual, I have attached a document with activities for next week and I have dated resources to make them more easily accessible. 
Fun challenge for the week: 
1. Find a recipe of your choice and help cook something. Send me a photograph of what you make. 
2. Explore Edinburgh Zoo webcams to see the animals 
If you need any support, guidance or would just like to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact me via eschools or by phoning the school office. 
Best wishes, 
Mrs Gibbs
Welcome to Class 3!
Mrs Gibbs- Class Teacher
Mrs Wedley and Miss Walding- Learning Support Staff
Mrs Evans - PPA Teacher - Teaches in Class 3 every other Wednesday 
Weekly Spellings: 
Each week I will update the spellings lists for each year group, along with a task. The lists update on Spelling Shed each week. 
Year 3:
3.7.20- 10.7.20
Revision 2
Task- Write a sentence with each of the words in. Make them as interesting as you can. Can you write a short story with them. 
Year 4:
3.7.20- 10.7.20
Revision 4
Task- Write the words into interesting sentences. Can you make a short story out of them? 
Year 3 Resources 
Year 4 Resources
Summer Term
Local Industry Home Learning
Resources for Y3 and Y4
Encourage story sharing as much as possible. Books can be accessed for free at Oxford Owl
Tips for reading with your child can be found at Book Trust, where they also recommend several age appropriate books. 
In the resource section at the bottom of this page, I have attached the Reading Dogs bookmark, with some useful questions to promote a range of reading skills. 
The Literacy Shed has a great selection of prompts for writing and suggested activities under the video clip. See activity sheet for the relevant week to find suggested activities. 
PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube at 9am on weekdays is a great way to get moving. It lasts for 30 minutes and includes a warm up, main activities and cool down. You can also watch videos from other days. 
Please see above for 'Big Maths' and 'Activity Mats'. These are a great way to cover a range of mathematical skills. 
Hit the Button is a free resource that is useful for known facts such as times tables, division facts, number bonds and doubling/ halving. 
Times Tables Rocks children have logins to access this. If you need them again, please eschool me and I will get them to you ASAP. 
Common Exception Words Spelling Activities Year 3 and Year 4
Times Tables Resources