Snow Plan


Steam Mills Primary School


Snow Plan



Snow during the school day

  •          If it snows heavily during the school day and as a parent you make the decision that in order to get your child home safely, you need to collect them early, please come to office where you will need to sign them out of school.
  •          If we decide that conditions are such that we need to close the school, we will send out a text, email, put a message on Our School App and on the school web site ( Children need to be collected from this point.  Please make sure that you have arrangements in place, particularly if you work away from the Forest.  At least two members of staff will stay on site until all children have been collected. All after-school clubs including After-School Care will automatically be cancelled.


Overnight snow

If you wake up to overnight snow you need to check whether school is open by looking at the school website, checking the Gloucestershire County Council Closed Schools web site ( or follow @Glos_schools on Twitter. 

  •          If there are not enough adults to safely open or if the site is too dangerous, the Head Teacher will recommend closing the school. This decision has to be ratified by the Chair of Governors. 
  •          In some circumstances, we open a little later to allow people time to get safely into school.  Again, we will let you know via the school website.
  •          If we are open and John Kyrle High School is closed, hot dinners will not be available and you should send your child with a packed lunch.  This be relayed to you via the website or message.
  •          If we are open and you make the decision that it is not safe for you to bring your child to school, then you need to keep them at home and ring the school to let them know the whereabouts of your child. As the phones are likely to be busy please leave a message on the answer phone.
  •          When you arrive at school please keep on the salted pathways and bring your child to your usual gate/door.  This reduces the risk of slips and falls on the slippery surfaces.